I love romance. I also love fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, urban fantasy, steampunk… You get the (winged, scaly, furry, witchy) picture.
My first fantasy romance novella, “A Merman’s Choice” will be published by Black Velvet Seductions. It’s the first book in a trilogy inspired by the landscape and legends of Brittany (where I grew up) and Wales (my mother’s homeland). My shape-shifting mermen don’t have fish tails, even in their aquatic form, because they’d get in the way 🙂 But they do have webbed hands and feet, and they fall in love with humans when they shouldn’t. Of course they do!

I hope you enjoy reading my stories, and I look forward to hearing from you – tell me what you like to read and write! It doesn’t have to be fantasy, paranormal or even romance!

That’s me, a few yards from the house where I grew up, in front of the landscape that inspired my merman trilogy.