Fair Time

It is midsummer in London which means one thing: Fairs. Last week and today we took our son to a funfair, and yesterday it was his old school’s fair. I’ve always loved watching the rides and the fairground people, wondering what their life is like. The third book in my trilogy is set in London, and there WILL be a fair, where fantasy creatures will man the rides. The fairies can fly around the Ferris wheel, the vampires of course belong in the hall of mirrors – oops, maybe not. The mermen can have the Hook A Duck, and the werewolves will drive the Ghost Train.
From end of November to New Year’s Day, Hyde Park in London is taken over by Winter Wonderland, a giant collection of fairs and attractions, including ice sculptures. It’s an echo of the Frost Fairs in centuries past, when the ice on the Thames was so thick, they once walked an elephant on it!

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